Tactile Limbic Rewiring

TLR - an effective method to overcome uncontrollable emotions and afflictions relating to Anxiety Disorders, Trauma & PTSD

I developed Tactile Limbic Rewiring (TLR for short) after having worked ten years with other modalities, as a method that is easy to apply, creates deep changes quickly and makes sense, not only to myself but also to the people I help. I stand on the shoulders of giants, TLR has certainly been inspirited by other methods, but it’s unique in it’s application and theory, and the way in which it’s based on an understanding of scientific evidence of our nervous system, not the Meridian System, and the understanding of Neuro Plasticity and the function of the various parts of our Limbic System in the Brain. TLR is the most effective method I have worked with to overcome uncontrollable emotions and mental afflictions relating to Anxiety Disorders, Trauma & PTSD.

How it works:

When our senses receive information that we are in a dangerous or threatening situation, it will activate a small part of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala will send signals to our body to release hormones like epinephrine and cortisol, which will raise our heart rate, tense our muscles and make us feel anxious. In a really traumatic situation the hormonal levels will get so high and  the tension so strong that it get’s physically unpleasant. The amygdala does this on purpose, to try to get us out of the situation we are in, or protect us by making us freeze so we hardly can move at all.
Compared to the more advanced part of our brain, like the prefrontal cortex, which is linked to our unique human ability for social control and logical thinking, it could be argued that the Amygdala is somewhat primitive. Even mice and goldfish have an amygdala. In humans the amygdala sits in the Lymbic system, which is the oldest part of the brain, and is sometimes referred to as the reptile brain. The Limbic System and especially the Amygdala is incredibly powerful, and it can be very difficult for the more advanced parts of our brain to control it. In fact, in situations when the Amygdala perceives that we are in danger, it will take over the function of rest of our brain entirely. In situations like this, the Amygdala will defy logic and will not respond to reasoning. Our willpower cannot control our Amygdala in this state, and it’s nearly impossible to think thoughts to calm ourselves down. In science this known as Amygdala hijacking.  It is what happens to everyone in various degrees when we exercise fear or anxiety that is difficult to control.
Instead trying to use willpower or logic, there is a another way by which we can communicate directly with the amygdala and the lymbic system.
Just as the amygdala sends signals to the body to feel a certain way when it perceives a threat, the neurons in the Amygdala are very responsive to sensory input. It’s particularly sensitive to tactile input, which are the signals that our nervous system sends to our brain about what touches our body. Tactile, bodily sensation gives the amygdala the ultimate information of whether we are safe or in physical danger. When something that’s not painful actively touches our body The Amygdala and the Limbic system will try to interpret and give meaning to that Tactile information. Now remember how the Limbic System sometimes is called the reptile brain, and is not the part of the brain engaged in deep analysis and critical thinking. Partly because of this, when you say something out load, while the Limbic System is trying to give meaning to a certain tactile sensation, it will end up interpreting the Tactile Information to mean what it is you say.  It’s like a stream of very important information. Real, physical information from your body, and what you say is like a side stream of information that joins up with that stream and is received by the Limbic System. The result is that the Limbic System will believe almost anything you say.
To practically apply this, a person simply has to think about something that makes them feel anxious, and right after engage in an activity of tactile stimulus, and then say phrases out load that reassures the Limbic System that they are safe. This rewires the neurons within the Amygdala, in accordance with information that has just been said.


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