Real Success Stories

“Joachim has greatly changed my life. Taking away the inner turmoil and anxiety I had in my chest and in my life Joachim has enabled me to feel joy on a daily basis and has eradicated my depression. I am able to engage with others now which has helped me in both my social and working life. I am not angry anymore which has helped me to stay calm in difficult situations at work and in public. I am much much happier now and spreading my good feelings instead of old negative ones. This treatment is the most important thing I have ever done for myself.”

Tom, Army Officer in Ireland



“In my last session with Joachim I was helped to unblock underlying beliefs that have held me back my for most of my entire life. The sort of coaching and treatment Joachim is able offer is unique and I truly consider what you have to offer invaluable. I don’t know to what degree the last session I had is connected to the events that has followed, but these are some things that have happened: My business has had an unbelievable flow and I feel extremely motivated; My economy is developing in ways I never could have dreamed of; I have gotten a much better relationship to my parents; I am content with my life and I feel SO good! Thank you.”


-Linus Svensson, Project Manager and Web Developer



“Through just one session of tapping and hypnosis Joachim has changed my outlook on life! I was feeling stressed and anxious about various things within my everyday life. Joachim talked me through these feelings and helped me find the underlying problem. Joachim is a very approachable, composed and calm person. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in changing certain aspects of themselves. Thanks again Joachim!”

-Edel. Dublin



“Joachim! I find myself dumb-founded every time I have a session you. You have helped me in ways few treatments or therapies have been able to. You helped me to be free of my depression, and amazingly, the chronic pain in my left shoulder and most of the rheumatic pain in my feet. These days I feel much healthier and more optimistic. When you moved to Ireland I was a bit anxious that I wouldn’t be able to receive any more help from you, but after our phone session I was relieved to find that it was really just as effective as the sessions I had with you in person when you still lived in Sweden. Keep on doing what you are doing – you must do that! There are so many people out there who need the type of help you are able to offer.”

-Benita Nau, Lidingö, Sweden



“Having been a seemingly hopeless addict to nicotine for the best part of forty years, in desperation, and having tried everything from will power to patches, gum, electronic cigarettes and the Alan Clark Program, I attended Joachim for a smoking cessation session. I have to admit to being a little sceptical beforehand to say the least but I’m absolutely delighted that I gave it a go as, after only one session, I’m completely smoke free and, for the first time ever, feel that I’m finally rid of a poison that was totally controlling me. An added bonus is that I also feel more at ease and relaxed in myself since the session as though tensions that I wasn’t even really aware of have been lifted. I found Joachim really easy to talk to and very professional in his approach. He really put me at ease. I can’t say how surprised and delighted I am with the results and I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this therapy and Joachim Eriksson to anyone who genuinely wants to kick the habit and improve their quality of life.”

-Carole O’Neill, Dublin



“I was a smoker for 20 years. After many tried, and failed, attempts at giving up smoking I booked a session with Joachim. I was a little sceptical at first but had gotten to the stage where my willpower alone was not working! I just basically really enjoyed smoking! I had the session with Joachim – he was very professional and explained the whole process. I left the office and 3 weeks later I am still smoke free! It is the strangest feeling ever – I am not battling any cravings or urges to smoke. I am around people who smoke all the time and I can sit with them while they smoke and not want a cigarette – I know I was a smoker but I just don’t feel like I am one anymore! I have no desire or urge to smoke! I was on holidays and normally a day spent relaxing and reading in the sun would also involve smoking at least 10 cigarettes – it’s actually one of the things we worked on in the session – and this time I didn’t have a single one – nor did I want one! I listen to the CD almost every day (some days I don’t get time but I do make an effort every day to do it) and I think that must help but overall I am DELIGHTED with the results!!! I am looking forward to staying a non smoker!!!”


-Ruth Guy, Dublin


“Dear Joachim, I have to thank you for all that you have helped me with, not only in losing two stones but also in helping me feel more confident and improving much of my self-esteem. I had previously tried very many “external” methods to try to lose weight but to very little effect, and I am so happy I gave you a chance and for the inner journey you guided me through in helping me release my inner garbage. I felt very safe with you, and you always gave me a good push forward in confronting things within myself and nothing ever seemed too big or too difficult for you to deal with. Your professional and understanding manner really made it easy to open up. After the sessions I had with you, people close to me and at work have said I seem much calmer and happier, and I sure I feel it too! People can of course tell that I also have lost weight, the result of which is only due to having dealt with my inner thoughts and feelings.”


-Annika Engstrom Rindeskog, Sweden


“I have suffered from hypsiphobia (fear of heights) for many many years. Somewhere in the age of 10-12 years I somehow “learnt” that it wasn´t safe to be high up in a building, bridge or on a mountain. Any situation where I could look down made me feel uneasy. I felt dizziness, anxiety and a strong sensation of lack of control. I really felt unsafe and got very afraid to either fall or get an impulse to jump. Why on earth I would do that is totally illogical and unknown to me. And of course I never did. The tendency of dizziness in situations like this gradually made me avoid heights. Eventually I felt that my fear of heights limited my life and I wanted to find something that could help me. When I first heard about the techniques Joachim used in his treatment and how quickly he was able free people from phobias I thought it sounded too good to be true. How can something that sounds so easy be effective? I still decided to give it a go. With Joachim’s firm and empathic guidance I felt comfortable and got to trust the methods he used. During the only session I had with Joachim I experienced how I took control over my feeling of fear by allowing it, recognizing it and forgiving myself for the misconception. The techniques Joachim taught me were easy and possible for me to do even on my own. No matter how it worked, it worked! In the summer of 2010 I was Rock climbing with my boyfriend on the island of Kalymnos in Greece and was able to climb as high as 30 metres. I could look out over the ocean and enjoy the view without any fear. My fear was gone!”



“Joachim is a skillful and highly ethical practitioner. He knows how the mind works and he helped me manage my inner world so I can be happier and more productive in my life. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants insights and help enhancing their quality of life. I’m definitely going back to having more sessions with Joachim.”

-Hasna Rbaibi


“I have been fortunate enough to receive a two hour Tapping session by Joachim Eriksson. During that time we went through and eliminated more problematic thoughts than I prior would have thought possible. Joachim calmly and safely led me through the simple but still freeing method in a way that I was totally able to relax. With his warmth and kindness Joachim cleaned my mind and at the same time taught me how to think and act to use the Tapping method later. I felt relief, joy and gratefulness at the end of the session and would therefore like to recommend Joachim to anyone who is interested in deep inner work.”

-Sati Bacchus, MCC -Master Certified Coach & Psychotherapist



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