I work in a different way to help overcome Anxiety and Trauma

I work in a different way to help overcome Anxiety and Trauma

When I first begin helping someone to overcome emotional problems, I like to use an analogy to illustrate how different it is from to traditional therapy and counseling.

In this analogy, I have tried, but I don’t know how to get rid of the weeds in my garden. Now I am both tired and frustrated, and decide to seek help from a gardener who is an expert on weeds. This expert invites me and ask me to sit down and talk about and describe the weeds I have problems with. As he is very knowledgeable on the subject, the weeds expert can help me to come to understand what type of weeds I have in my garden. He can also explain why the weeds are so unpleasant and why they are not gentle to touch. He reassures me that these weeds are common and a lot of people have them in their gardens. The weeds expert also teaches me ways to avoid the parts of my garden where weeds grow, and to focus on the beautiful plants and flowers in my garden instead. After some time, the weeds expert gives me a tool to cut down the weeds in size. However, he can never tell me how to get rid of the weeds completely. The weeds are still there, and if I am not vigilant and continually cutting them back, the weeds always grow back. In my persistent struggle to control the weeds, I find myself becoming dependent on the support on the weeds expert. After all, his advice is comforting and helps me a little bit. So I end up coming back to him, again and again, for quite a long time.

What I would do to help someone get rid of weeds is quite different. I simply remove the weeds along with the roots. Once a weed has been uprooted, it’s gone, and it will not grow back. After spending a short time clearing uncontrollable weeds in someone’s garden, it becomes very easy for this person to maintain a weed free, beautiful garden on their own. It’s very likely, that after I have helped them, that they will never have to avail of my weed clearing services again.

Now, let’s look at a more scientific explanation of how this analogy illustrates the way I help to get rid of deep-seated unpleasant feelings and emotions:

Fear, feelings of anxiety, and the majority of our unpleasant feelings, are all produced in a small area of the part of the brain called the amygdala. Beside creating these feelings, all emotionally intense events that happens in our lives is also remembered by the amygdala. This is one the oldest parts of the brain, which humans share with animals like mice and fish. The amygdala has developed over millions of years to protect us and keep us safe. The amygdala will react to sensory input – what we see, hear, feel and taste much faster than our more developed, logical thinking brain, the cortex, is able to. The fact is, the amygdala is so powerful and so fast, that it is virtually impossible to use our conscious thoughts to control the feelings it creates. This is why so many people who suffer anxiety and other mental afflictions find their feelings so unmanageable. People who suffer uncontrollable stress from trauma or unmanageable anxiety are not mad because they cannot control their feelings – nature and evolution has wired their brain this way.

Psycho-Sensory Techniques is a revolutionary group of therapy methods that can effectively change feelings of the amygdala. This is possible because these methods acknowledge that feelings and memories held in amygdala can be uprooted and overridden through new, specifically targeted, sensory input.

Here is an example of how Psycho-Sensory Techniques would work in action: Mary is a 42-year old stay-at-home mom who feels anxious at family gatherings or whenever she is in a big crowd. During these events, which she tries to avoid if she can, Mary begins to sweat uncontrollably, gets short of breath and feels a tight knot in her stomach. Mary doesn’t know why she feels this way in these situations and cannot control her feelings. By asking Mary to vividly imagine a situation when her anxious feelings would normally show up and any memories associated to it, and immediately following this, ask her to focus on different sensory points on the body while verbally affirming to herself that she is now safe – the anxious feelings created by her amygdala will gradually and quickly get reduced to nothing. After also addressing any nuances of her anxiety and similar memories, Mary’s amygdala will be rewired and not associate social situations with anxious feelings. The next time Mary find herself in a large crowd or at a family gathering, she will be completely free of anxiety.

Here is another example: John is a 29-year old electrician with uncontrollable, worried thoughts about his health and of getting sick. His worried thoughts will often keep him up at night, and several times he has believed that he has had cancer, only to have received a recent diagnosis that there absolutely nothing wrong with him. John admits that his worry is out of proportion, but he can still not stop his worried thoughts. By paying attention to his thoughts and noticing the anxious feelings they create, and then applying the process of Psycho-Sensory Techniques, the anxious thoughts John has about his health would come to an end. His thoughts will no longer be supported by anxiety and deeply rooted references arising from his amygdala. As a result, John will find both his thoughts and feelings becoming much more realistic, grounded and peaceful.

The methods of Psycho-Sensory Techniques are powerful and deceptively simple. If you want to try out one of these methods yourself, simply google:
“How to get rid of unpleasant feelings”.
The very top result, in every English-speaking country in the world, is a video where I demonstrate and guide the viewer in one of the methods I use when I help people.

Below the video you will find through Goolge, there are over one thousand comments from people thanking me and sharing how much this video helped them. It’s worth to notice that I helped all these people through this video without even knowing anything about their problem. What can be done in a private, one-to-one online session is far greater, and I recommend private sessions for anyone who has suffered issues relating to trauma or anxiety for more than three months. For the majority, compared traditional therapy the positive results through Psycho-Sensory Techniques will be noticed very quickly. People’s lives get completely transformed during these sessions, and many will say it is the best thing they have ever done for themselves. This includes me – I received help through these methods to overcome anxiety which I lived with for over twenty years. And this has been, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.
With the Right Help, Change is Possible!

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