Professional Hypnotherapy in Dublin

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

The use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and personal growth is geneally referred to as hypnotherapy. In a hypnotherapy session, or while listening to a self-hypnosis audio track, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and concentration in which you then are given suggestions. The purpose of the suggestions is to make thoughts and feelings change at a deep level, or to elicit old memories to be processed. In hypnosis, you will not become unconscious as you do when taking anaesthetics. However, you might find that you enter a state of which you might not remember everything consciously afterwards. It is very similar to the state a lot of people find themselves in when they wake up in the morning. When waking up, a lot of people are able to remember the dream they just had, but just a little while later, they don’t seem to be able to remember their dream at all! Hypnosis brings you to that state. It’s a very natural state, so there is really no point in expecting a special feeling of being under hypnosis when going for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy will, for the majority of people who try it, have a profound effect in bringing about change in their life. The power of hypnosis lies in the direct influence it has on the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, is the deeper operating part of our mind. Our subconscious mind is very large and very powerful. At any given point our subconscious is aware of every muscle in our body, has every single event we have gone through during the day present in memory, and is continually helping us do things automatically without us having to think about it. Our subconscious mind picks up and will start doing things automatically as we repeat doing something consciously often enough. If you drive a car, you are probably not thinking consciously about driving when you do it any more. Your subconscious has learned to do it automatically for you. The same thing is true for reading. You can read this text without even thinking about it! You have read so much in your life, that your subconscious recognises a word instantly when looking at it! As you can probably see from these examples, most of the time our subconscious mind works for our own benefit. In fact, our subconscious mind always believes it’s acting for our benefit. However, sometimes there is conflict between the way our subconscious reacts and the way we wish we would be reacting to things consciously. Despite being very powerful and keeping track of a lot of things, our subconscious tends to be very simplistic. The subconscious mind will act on past memories of having experienced pain and pleasure, it’s more compulsive and more emotionally driven than our conscious mind. Some the common ways people experience the conflict between their conscious rational mind and their subconscious mind is when they say things like: “why I am so anxious in this situation when I know there really nothing to fear?” or “why do I end up watching TV when I know I should be studying?” or “why do I smoke when I know it bad for my health” etc, etc.

Through hypnotherapy, the subconscious programmes of involuntary reactions and emotions can be changed. There are two main approaches in going about making changes in the subconscious mind. One is basically to up-root old subconscious programmes and another to create new subconscious models for the mind to operate from. Both of these approaches are equally important in hypnotherapy. You want to get rid of old habits that don’t serve you, as well as creating new ones to benefit your life.

Hypno-analysis and FasterEFT are both techniques used to help get rid of old subconscious compulsions that no longer serve us. To up-root old unwanted programmes of the subconscious, it’s essential to work with memories of subconscious reactions in certain situations. As we recall memories, a trance-like state of our past can come about very easily. So in working with past memories there is really no need conduct a hypnotic induction of deep relaxation in advance. For example, think, right now, of a situation in your past when you felt very happy. Think about what you saw then, how you felt then and what you heard in this memory. With a little concentration, you can bring about that feeling of happiness, almost as if it were happening right now! In up-rooting unwanted negative programming, you will go back and focus on to negative experience in your past, and with help of simple techniques, you can let the subconscious mind know that all is now well, that those experiences are indeed in the past. In this way you help your subconscious to let go of the negative associations it has been holding on to. Once you let go negative associations of memories, you can ‘flip’ them, and make positive memories instead. As a consequence of this process of letting go of negative memory associations and replacing them with positive, you will subconsciously start to react differently to things in your day-to-day life.

Suggestive Hypnosis is the main method used to create new subconscious models for the mind to operate from. The changes are brought about by giving positive suggestions in a relaxed state of concentration. The suggestions used the most is to vividly imagine, feel, hear and experience how the change you want in your life has already happened for you. To our subconscious, there is a very thin line separating what’s imagined and what’s real. The imagination of our subconscious is much stronger than if we were to will or want something with our conscious mind. As you imagine yourself doing something in a relaxed state of hypnosis, your are really setting up your subconscious mind to do it for you in real life as well. So in a relaxed state of hypnosis you might be given suggestions to imagine what it would feel like being the ideal you, and be doing what you dream of doing. You would imagine what that would look like and what you would be hearing and saying to yourself as you are your ideal self. By vividly imagining this in a state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind begins to identify with what you imagine, and without conscious effort you find how you begin to act the same way in your daily life. The more you repeat Suggestive Hypnosis, the more it gets locked into your subconscious. An audio track with Suggestive Hypnosis specifically tailored for your goals, is one of the most powerful tools you get your hands on if you want to transform and change your life. It can help bring about changes that you want in your life in ways that few other methods of personal growth come close to.

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