Have Hope! It is Possible to Overcome Anxiety

Have Hope! It is Possible to Overcome Anxiety

It is possible to live free from Anxiety, not just try to forget about or numb it for a while. The mind is changeable, and with the right tools we can come to feel much better, and even overcome Anxiety.
In two previous posts I talked about the Signs of Anxiety and the Habits of Anxiety. (Here are a few of the signs: Low self-confidence; Extreme tiredness; Flashbacks; Not being able to Sleep; Struggle to Focus; Extreme Fears; Irritability, and Over-analysing. The Four Habits are: 1, Running from what’s inside. 2, Avoidance 3, Numbing Anxious Feelings 4, Distraction)
In this post I will describe why some people develop Anxiety and how this is manifested in the brain. Based on this understanding I will also present the most effective methods to overcome Anxiety that I know of.

Anxiety arises from a part of the brain responsible to protect us. This part of the brain is known as the Amygdala, and it is one of oldest and most deeply rooted parts of the brain that humans share with animals like mice and fish. When the Amygdala perceives a threat, it will create emotions of fear, worry, tension or anger. These emotions will take over and run our entire system, such as other parts of the brain, regulation of hormones, nervous system and muscles. This reaction is very useful when there is an actual threat, like seeing a car swerving in front of us will quickly make us to step on the breaks. However, when we suffer Anxiety the Amygdala has become hyper-vigilant which puts us in a state of frequent stress and we end up living with constant uncontrollable, unpleasant feelings in situations that are not at all life threatening.

This hyper-vigilant state happens because the Amygdala remembers all unpleasant events that ever happens to us in life. Unprocessed and stacked upon each other, unpleasant experiences can cause a frequent or even chronic state of Anxiety. Just one traumatic experience is enough to create Anxiety in the form of a life-long phobia or PTSD. The Amygdala remembers unpleasant events to protect us, for the sake of our safety, so that we may avoid and not come to experience unpleasant events again. However, in cases of Anxiety the emotions the Amygdala creates are in themselves deeply unpleasant and can cause people to be held back tremendously in life.

The Amygdala is hardly responsive to any change through logic or will power – it will hold on to anxious feelings no matter what other advanced parts of the brain tells it to do. Many people therefor feel powerless to change or do anything about their Anxiety as they consciously cannot change what arises from this part of the brain. However, it turns out it is possible to rewire the Amygdala directly through our senses. The Amygdala is very sensitive to sensory input; it is one of the first parts of the brain that will respond to what our senses perceive (again, this is for the sake of our protection). When sensory input is carefully directed and aimed at an emotion held in the Amygdala, we can directly communicate to the Amygdala and ‘tell it’ what emotions are safe to let go of. When this is done a change occurs on the same level the Amygdala operates, in a language it understands. The release of unpleasant emotions within the Amygdala through aimed sensory input takes place at a very deep level in the brain, and the transformation is profound. It is a non-intrusive, gentle method and one of the most effective and powerful ways to release both Anxiety and Trauma – and it works.

When we are continually entangled in unpleasant feelings, it can seem like there is no way out, but we don’t have to live with it. We don’t have to be held back from life because of feelings. There is no need to live with uncontrollable Anxiety or be weighed down by a painful past. It takes so much energy to try to control unpleasant feelings with our conscious mind, and it can really tear on our confidence and self-esteem when we feel that we are in constant battle ourselves. It’s easy to come to believe there is something wrong with us, or that we are somehow broken. But no one with Anxiety is broken – they just have a hyper-vigilant Amygdala that is trying to cope.

Pretty much every feeling & thought that is out our conscious control, can be let go of if we know how. You can come to live with happiness and peace.

Take care of yourself and be hopeful. There is help out there.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Change: With the Right Help It’s Possible!

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Have Hope! It is Possible to Overcome Anxiety

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