Therapy & Coaching Rates 

The total cost of treatment will of course come down to how many sessions a person need to overcome their problem, which in turn depends on the type of Problem, Trauma or Anxiety a person has. It can vary from 1 session (for PTSD related to one indecent, Phobias and Mild Anxiety) to 7 sessions (for severe Anxiety linked with Depression and severe childhood traumas). After an initial consultation I can give an estimate of how many  sessions you probably will need.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend to watch this video: Overcoming Anxiety & Phobias: Dentophobia cleared in one session using TLR, to understand how I work and what you can expect from working with me.

These are my prices:

Initial Online Consultation (approximately 25 min):  39 Euro (About 44 USD, 34 GBP, 63 AUD)

Online Session (approximately 1 hour): 97 Euro (About 109 USD, 84 GBP, 156 AUD)

Please note that all new clients are requested to book an initial consultation before booking a session for treatment.


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Feel free to call me as well:+353 (0)85 83 48 029 (I use WhatsApp)

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