Being Overweight or Obese

Use Hypnotherapy & EFT to Lose Weight

The Symptom of Being Overweight and Obese

The World Health Organisation defines being overweight and obese as having an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may be harmful to one’s health. To classify someone as being overweight or obese, an index of weight-for-height calculation called body mass index (BMI) is used. To have a BMI greater than 25 is considered overweight, and over 30 BMI is considered obesity (measure your own BMI here). Besides the fact that raised BMI is a major risk factor for diseases such as heart disease & stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis and some cancers, being overweight or obese will often affect a person’s self-image, causing low self-esteem and in some cases even depression. In the industrialised world the problem of obesity has become one of the major health issues society is faced with today. In Ireland, recent studies have shown that more than half the population is overweight or obese.

The Cause for Being Overweight and Obese

The physical cause of being overweight or obese is an imbalance of calorie input (food and drinks consumed) and calorie output (through bodily activity). When there are more calories consumed than calories being used by the body over time, it causes weight gain. An inactive lifestyle of decreased physical activity and increased intake of energy-dense foods is generally considered the lifestyle that causes weight gain. Considering the large number of people who want to lose weight but find this very difficult, it is also important to consider the underlying psychological relationship people have to their eating habits and physical activity.

Most people who want to lose weight tend to go on diets. Dieting, however, is one of the main reasons people gain more weight in the long run. By dieting, and eating very little food (or no food) we trigger genes inherited by our ancestors associated with times of famine and starvation. These genes create hormones that slow down metabolism in the body and send signals to the brain making us absolutely obsessed with food. Going a whole day or several days on little food will make you more and more obsessed with food, and finally when you give in, you binge! You eat lots and lots of food to make up for the time you starved your body. People who go on diets might lose weight for a little while but will gain that weight back plus adding extra weight after they finished their diet. The body is adding that extra weight because it doesn’t know of the next time it will encounter prolonged times of hunger. By adding that extra fat, your body simply makes sure that it will survive the next time it encounters starvation.

There are many reasons why people eat besides physical hunger. We have all heard of comfort eating. People eat because they feel stressed, sad, angry or lonely. People also eat for entertainment and out of boredom. Many people eat because of a deeper unconscious level of associating food with love. As children many of us felt loved when we were told that we were “good girls and boys” when we finished the food that was on our plates. Many of us were rewarded with sweets when we were good and we had lots of fatty foods and sweets on special occasions. On these occasions we were together with our families and friends, and we felt connected and loved. It’s not strange that eating food and things that have a sweet taste is an unconscious action for wanting to bring back feelings of love for so many people. Yet, we all know that food can never love us back!

Use Hypnotherapy & EFT to Lose Weight

The best way to overcome emotional eating and lose weight is by improving self esteem and by finding internal resources to replace the need for eating excessively. By discovering and uprooting your emotional reasons for over-eating and by getting coaching in the proper attitude to dieting and weight loss, in time, you can lose weight permanently. Creating new healthy habits that last and that you actually enjoy, is the most difficult part about losing weight on your own. But with the right tools, such as Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP, it becomes easy for you.

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