Grief and Loss

Use EFT and Hypnotherapy to Relieve Grief and Loss

Complicated and prolonged grief may occur when normal process of grief and loss appear to be ‘stuck’ and the feelings of grief and loss continue for months and sometimes years. Prolonged and lingering grief and sadness, can limit a person’s ability to live life fully and they miss out on new experiences and feelings of excitement and joy they might normally have felt. The feelings of carrying unresolved grief may range from anger, sadness, denial, guilt and a feeling of emptiness. Other symptoms may be withdrawal from social activity, addictive behaviour, loss of motivation, fatigue or chronic pain to just mention a few.

The Cause for Prolonged Greif

Grief and a feeling of loss is natural part of life and a normal reaction in times of death, separation, loss of health, or the loss of a long-held dream. The natural grieving process also needs time. Prolonged and lingering grief can come about when a person experiences a lack of support or loneliness in their grieving process. An unwillingness to accept, for example a death or a traumatic event can also cause the grief to get ‘stuck’. Even when recognising that it would be to once’s benefit, to let go the lingering grief and sadness, it can still be very difficult. As with other issues relating to the complexity of the human mind, the reason why we do most of the things we do, even if it painful for us, is because unconsciously we still think it is to our benefit in some way or another. The reason of holding on to grief might be one of guilt for letting go, or perhaps an unconscious feeling of comfort in holding onto to it. If we have lost someone, the feeling of lingering grief can sometimes make us feel close to the person we lost (even if they would have wanted us to move on and be happy).

The sort of grief relating to an unhappy childhood is often deeper and more complex. This sort of grief stems from a sense of loss of something that was rightfully ours, such as the right to be heard and cared for. A person carrying deep grief relating to childhood, might not always be aware of it and it is not unusual for people who receive treatment for other issues, to discover that they hold long-forgotten grief inside of them. It can very often veiled with anger, obsessive compulsive behaviour or other forms of “acting out”, all created as ways to avoid the pain of sadness and grief felt earlier in life.

Use EFT and Hypnotherapy to Relieve Grief and Loss

Through the techniques of Hypnotherapy and FasterEFT (A combination EFT & NLP also know as Tapping), most people are able to let go of their grief and as a result come to live more fully in the present. If the grief involves many memories and a great deal of trauma from the past, it helps to go back to those memories, work through them and clear as much as possible. Sometimes this processes can take time, but in time, the grief will be cleared.

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