Use Tapping and EFT to Relieve Anxiety

A brief time of anxiety or nervousness is a normal reaction to stress or potential risk, which puts your body into a heightened state of excitement to keep you out of hurt’s way—your heart rate goes up and you breath more rapidly and your muscles prepare to take action. However, when anxiety becomes chronic—it can seriously affect your mental and physical wellbeing and prevent you from living a normal life. Besides feeling anxious and worried, a person who suffers from anxiety also suffer tension, restlessness or even physical aches and pains as a result of their mental affliction. Others may experience heart perpetuation, a heavy tight feeling in their chest or heavy sweating.

The Cause for Anxiety

Those who have experinced a traumatic childhood are more likely as adults to develop an anxious personality. However, great stress in one’s current environment can also trigger severe stress and anxiety as can be witnessed with previously well-functioning adults who develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by having experienced severe stress, abuse or accident. Some people are more inclined to become anxious than others, but the environment and one’s reaction to it always plays a vital part as well.

Having had an intense emotional experience, where one feels that one’s life is threatened or having had other experiences of great fear or insecurity, and not having had these feelings of the past resolved, will leave an emotional imprint on the mind. Even if there is no real “rational” reason to be anxious, an anxious person still carries anxiety in their unconscious programming. The anxious unconscious mind that hasn’t resolved the past events, will leave one continually wondering if a new terrifying experience will happen again. Unless resolved, the anxious person carries this emotional anxiety with them wherever they go.

The Cure for Anxiety is Tapping and EFT

The best way to uproot anxiety for good is to trace the anxious feelings and memories back to the time when they were first created and release the emotional tension and come to peace with them. The most effective way to accomplish this is by using Tapping, or EFT. When this is done in the right way, your memoires and subconscious feelings will change. As your memories and feelings change your subconscious reactions and feelings in the present moment will change as well, and you will be more at peace.
To experience what it will be like to have a feeling or memory changed, please go to this page and watch an easy-to-follow EFT Tapping video of one of the main methods I use to do this.

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