Chronic Pain

Use EFT and Hypnotherapy to Cure Chronic Pain

The Symptom of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain varies in severity, location and duration for each individual. There is a vast number of different diagnoses that any individual who suffers from physical chronic pain can have, ranging from psychological back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, stomach ulcers, auto-immune disorders, just to name a few. All pain is 100% real! The pain, and the physiological manifestation of numbness, tingling, swelling and weakness are actual and can be measured and proven scientifically. However, the cause of most of these symptoms is also real, and the cause is emotional and psychological.

The Cause of Chronic Pain

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced how psychological tension, such as an upset stomach ache or headache, has manifested itself because of stress we have experienced in our lives. However, when stress and anxiety is unresolved, it is likely that the physical pain becomes chronic. Recent studies have shown that psychosomatic induced pain and disease is far greater than previously believed. Established medical research has verified that 70-80% of all patients visiting doctors today, have symptoms most likely psychosomatic in origin. The categorical name for these type of issues are Psychologically Induced Pain Syndromes (PIPS).

Although traditional medicine can offer solutions to temporarily lessen the effect of symptoms, it can rarely treat psychosomatic ailments at the deep psychogenic level from which these symptoms araise. The source of the emotional causation for most people suffering from PIPS is for the most part unconscious, and for many individuals it can be hard to come to terms with the idea that their suffering is induced by their own minds. In fact, it appears to be the very nature of psychosomatic symptoms to distract and protect the individual from having to experience painful emotional memories they hold within them.

Use EFT and Hypnotherapy to Cure Chronic Pain

By working through and clearing conscious and unconscious emotional issues from their past can an individual find a permanent cure for Psychologically Induced Pain Syndromes. This might seem like a daunting task, but keep in mind that when painful memories come up in a session, the point is really to feel them for the last time, and then clear them. When I help clients to work through past emotional events I usually use a combination of FasterEFT (a combination of EFT & NLP also known as Tapping) and Hypnotherapy. The aim is to resolve the stress from your past and then let it go! Some issues can be cleared in just a few sessions, and only in rare cases should you ever need more than 15 sessions to work through your issues.

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