Corporate Health and Wellness Programmes

Helping Your Staff To Live Free from Stress and Empowering Their Potential

At Live Free Empowering Potential, we use modern psychology, nlp (neuro-linguistic programming) & chinese acupressure, to help your employees release physical and emotional pain & to change or break habits that are not serving them in the workplace. We have a range of tools that help release stress in the workplace and empower your employees to change the way they feel. At Live Free Empowering Potential we show clients how they can gain enormous power and inner freedom by using simple tools that help them to change their perspectives and enable them to better manage their lives.

Live Free Empowering Potential offers a programme that:

• Increases productivity in the workplace
• Decreases employee absenteeism
• Helps employees focus better on their work
• Helps employees change the way they feel
• Teaches them how to release stress quickly and easily

All of our programmes are customised to address your individual company’s challenges. We deliver these programmes in a format that is suitable for your business. Examples of previous solutions that have been delivered are:

Empowering Potential One Day Workshop
This workshop teaches employees how their mind work and gives them the skills and tools on how to release stress from their bodies and enable them to change the way they feel.

One-on-One Coaching / Health & Wellness Sessions
The one-on-one coaching provides select employees with an opportunity to address all areas of stress in their lives and helps them release it. This individual coaching will also deepen the skills and knowledge how to release stress on one’s own.

Employees who attend the Empowering Potential workshop will learn the following:
• What stress is and how it affects the body
• The mind-body connection
• Skills to effectively handle challenges with more clarity
• How to tune into feelings and appropriately transform their impact
• How to control one’s own emotions instead of these emotions being controlled by the environment
• How to deal with difficult clients, co-workers, managers or direct reports and work with them in a non-reactive capacity
• Learn a game changing technique which can be applied to stress and all areas of life

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