Migraine Headache

The Symptom of Migraine Headache

Migraine headache is often an excruciating experience for those suffering from it. It is a disorder characterized by repeated headaches often accompanied with nausea, vomiting, and by sometimes signs of visual problems, numbness and speech difficulty. It is classified as a psychosomatic disorder of the cardiovascular type.

The Cause of Migraine Headache

The majority of the medical profession would agree that emotional stress is often the trigger to set off a migraine attack. Tension and anxiety are also common psychosomatic causes for recurring migraine headaches. It appears that migraine headaches occur more frequently among women. In general women seem to be more sensitive and prone to experience psychosomatic induced pain (while men will be more prone to “act out” inner stress). It is believed the changes in the oestrogen levels during menstrual cycles, often cause headaches in women. However, there have been cases of women who have been cured even from these types of menstrual headaches after they have gone through holistic psychogenic treatment.

The Cure for Migraine Headache

By learning FasterEFT, most people prone to migraine headaches can use it on their own to get rid of their headache in just a few minutes when it occurs. Often it involves thinking back on the situation when the headache first started and re-experiencing the emotional stress of that moment. Then one must clear and let go that emotional anxiety. In cases of recurring migraine headaches that have been ongoing for several years, a more in-depth treatment has to be applied. In those cases you need to go back and work with conscious and unconscious emotional stress and anxiety in a similar way to treating other types of chronic pain.

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