Traumas & PTSD

The Symptom Traumas

Mental or emotional trauma usually involves frightening thoughts and painful feelings and is the mind’s response to a frightening experience or serious injury. For those suffering, mental trauma can produce very strong feelings and extreme behavior; such as intense fear or helplessness, withdrawal or isolation, difficulty concentrating, aggression, irritability, sleep deprivation, flashbacks (experiencing the same event mentally), or hyper vigilance (expecting more traumatic events). Severe trauma may lead to physical changes in brain chemistry and neurology that may affect a person’s ability to cope with stress and function in daily life.

The Cause of Traumas

Emotional trauma can be caused by a single event or prolonged continuous events over an extended period of time. The trauma happens when the event/events are too emotionally overwhelming for the individual to deal with. Traumatic events may have been caused by a variety of unpleasant experiences such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, a severe accident or physical trauma.

The Cure for Traumas

NLP, hypnosis and FasterEFT are very effective methods used to heal the overwhelming feelings involved with an emotional or mental trauma. These methods will help change the internal structure around memories and emotions and is not the same as using as positive thinking or talking about your problem as in traditional therapy. In cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there is unfortunately an opinion among the medical establishment that there is no cure for it. This is generally the opinion, as there is not, as yet, any psychiatric medicine that is able to restrain the symptoms of PTSD in the same way as there is for depression, for example. EFT, NLP and Hypnosis have however, shown amazing results in relieving the mental stress for those suffering from PTSD to the point where they themselves would claim they are cured. This video, with the founder of EFT, Gary Criag, will demonstrate how effective the use of EFT as treatment for PTSD is.

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