Please see my videos for help….

Due to family commitment and full time work I am no longer seeing any clients, and is unlikely to do so for a number of years as I am now committed to quite a different career that requires my focus and energy.

I can still help you though, through my videos! They have helped thousands already, and they are completly free! I strongly recommend watching these and to also read the comments on YouTube of how they helped others!

Thanks, Joachim

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Real Success Stories

“Joachim has greatly changed my life. Taking away the inner …

eft tapping therapy


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly refereed to as tapping, …

nlp neuro linguistic programming


What is NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming? NLP, short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, deals with the subjective experience that individuals have in creating thoughts, feelings and emotions. In NLP, the question is always -how we …

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Hypnotherapy in Dublin


What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy? The use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and personal growth is geneally referred to as hypnotherapy. In a hypnotherapy session, or while listening to a self-hypnosis audio track, you will be …

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mark for Vetta pse jane

Use Tapping and EFT to Relieve Anxiety

A brief time of anxiety or nervousness is a normal reaction to stress or potential risk, which puts your body into a heightened state of excitement to keep you out of hurt’s way—your heart rate goes up and you breath more rapidly and your …

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Have Hope! It is Possible to Overcome Anxiety

It is possible to live free from Anxiety, not just try to forget about or numb it for a while. The mind is changeable, and …

Be Aware of Them: The 4 Habits of Anxiety (I had them all)

In a previous post I talked about 25 Signs of Anxiety and how many people who suffer Anxiety don’t know it is Anxiety …

When Things Don’t Feel Right: 25 Signs of Anxiety

A lot people live with Anxiety without knowing. I did, for over twenty years. Pain and fear made me feel powerless, and I …